Construction Company in Roysambu Kenya for your next project

construction company in Roysambu

Every time you think of constructing a house, you think of a building contractor or a construction company.  This is the same situation for anyone looking to build a house in Roysambu, you will think of a building contractor in Roysambu or a construction company in Roysambu Kenya.

This is why we want to help you make this decision a fairly easy one by showing you a building contractor in Roysambu or a construction company in Roysambu Kenya you can turn to when thinking of your next project.

To be able to identify a building contractor in Roysambu or a construction company in Roysambu Kenya, there are several factors to think about before settling on one.

5 Factors to help you select a construction Company in Roysambu

There are could be several factors out there but by looking at these factors critically, you will be able to have enough to make that decision.

1.      Expertise

To be able to select a construction company in Roysambu or a building contractor in Roysambu, you need to look at their expertise. Here are some key indicators that you are dealing or about to deal with experts;

  • Registered with a national construction authority
  • Have a profile to see their key personnel training
  • Membership to professional bodies like the Engineers Registration Board.
  • Assignments undertaken

2.      Dynamic team

To be able to decide on your next building contractor in Roysambu or construction company in Roysambu Kenya, you need to see how dynamic a team is. A good construction company should have a full team of professionals dealing with a construction project. These include; Project structural engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, electrical engineers, quantity surveyors, general foremen, site managers, plumbers and many others.

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Each project requires a certain number of personnel. You should get a feel of the team available for project.

3.      Experience

This covers the past project a contractor has done. If you are looking for a building contractor in Roysambu who has done bungalows, then you should look at some of the bungalows they have done directly or indirectly. If you want a rental apartment contractor in Roysambu, you should be able to check on some of the rental apartments the contractor has done directly or indirectly. This will give you the confidence you need when giving out your project.

4.      Area of coverage

For a contractor to serve you well, you should know if they cover the place you want to undertake a project. Some contractors or builders only work well in town while others work well in rural areas. There are also some construction companies in Roysambu that can work in both rural and urban areas.

5.      Turnaround time

This is very important to both a client and a contractor. If you give a client a shorter timeline, you may be forced to overstress the project delivery and that can compromise the quality of the work. Again, if you give a client too much time, the client may not like it.

So the best thing is to understand the timeline of the client and advise the client on the best workable time considering the mandatory curing period for certain phases of the project.  This will help you achieve a workable and satisfactory timeline for both parties.

A recommended Construction Company in Roysambu

West Kenya Real Estate Ltd is a design and builds company registered and operating in Kenya. With over 14 years in active Building and Construction work, this is a company you can trust with your work. The turnaround time is excellent so is the workmanship.

West Kenya Real Estate Ltd builds residential and commercial buildings in the entire Republic of Kenya. With offices in both Kisumu and Nairobi, you can rest assured that your needs will be met adequately.

We help you with house designs and approvals from the county governments, the National Environmental and Management Authority (NEMA) and National Construction Authority (NCA).

We offer quality house designs in Kenya for both residential and or commercial buildings. If you want maisonette house designs in Kenya or bungalow house designs in Kenya, reach out to us.

Talk to us today

You can email us on or call/whatsapp on +254-724-481-087/+254-789-217-685.

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