About us

Founded in 2014 initially as West Kenya Real Estate Ltd, Marble Engineering and Construction Ltd have worked on many building and construction projects across the Republic of Kenya and East Africa. We take pride in various portfolios made up of residential, commercial, industrial, factory, warehouses, fabricated houses, hotels, institutions, hospitals and renovation projects.

No project is too challenging for Marble Engineering and Construction Ltd to handle thanks to the combination of skills, experience, knowledge and commitment to customer satisfaction. We have over 10 years in active building and construction and a mix of seasoned professionals who have been in the fields cumulatively for over 50 years.


Building tomorrow today


As Marble Engineering and Construction Ltd, we work to be an undisputed premier Construction Company in Kenya and East Africa by consistently delivering satisfactorily to our customers.

Core Values

We exist to deliver innovative and quality solutions by maintaining excellent work practices, ensuring delivery is in time, uncompromised standards, attention to every detail and effective communication to the benefit of all stakeholders.


We constantly and consistently deliver satisfactorily thanks to our ability to combine creative planning, design and construction with innovative engineering construction techniques and tools to develop the most appropriate solutions, desired by our customers.

We believe that our success hinges on the passion, expertise and dedication of our employees, and thus place utmost importance on employee welfare by creating a pleasant working environment.


We constantly review our workplace safety to ensure an injury-free work environment. All our employees and subcontractors are provided with tools, gear and necessary safety knowledge and resources necessary to boost safety at every site. It goes with our mentioning that safety is a priority at every workstation.

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