4BR Maisonette House Designs in Kenya

Original price was: KSh 40,000.00.Current price is: KSh 35,000.00.

Documents in this 4br maisonette house designs in Kenya package:

Detailed floor plans
Roof Plan
Floor finish plan
Furniture layout plan
Septic tank & soakage pit.

Structural Plan
Bill of Quantity.

Note: If you need these two, just mention them during the discussion or email us.


Are you looking for a classy 4br maisonette house designs in Kenya for your next project? This is one you can consider. The design allows you to use affordable building concepts or deploy high-end quality.

This 4br maisonette house designs in Kenya has the following features;

Dining room
Kitchen yard
4 bedrooms, 2 ensuite rooms
Study room
Front and back porches

Why love Maisonette house designs in Kenya?

There are several house designs in Kenya that people build but there aren’t classy or possess some level of flexibility you would love with a design. Maisonette house designs offer something different. As a construction company in Kenya with experience in maisonette house plans in Kenya, we understand the advantages you gain with maisonette house designs.

Here are some advantages of this Maisonette;

  1. The View

This is one of the maisonette house plans in Kenya that offers the best view. You have the option of creating or enjoying stunning views from various balconies. It’s one of the maisonette designs that you can modify to have a section of the roof flat roof and a section hip, creating more room for an additional view.


Other than maisonette house designs, the other designs will not have the flexibility to enjoy views of your environment. For example, if you do a bungalow design, you will not enjoy any view of your environment.

  1. The silence and the solitude

This is another nice thing with maisonette house plans in Kenya. Maisonette designs give you an upper room which offers some great silence and offers the peace of mind required after a hectic day at work or business.

This is one of the maisonette house designs that guarantee you that silence and solitude. Try out any nice maisonette design. We design all manner of maisonette house plans in Kenya and therefore you can reach out to us for any design.

  1. More Space

Maisonette house plans offer more space which you can translate to bigger rooms o additional rooms. Usually, the ground floor of a maisonette house will cover a lounge, dining, kitchen, bedroom and water closet. Additional floor up has the capacity of carrying the same number of rooms up. Regardless of the number of bedrooms, maisonette house plan designs will offer you some extra space.


As a seasoned design and Build Company, maisonette plans in Kenya will benefit you especially if you want extra space for other things. This design offers such extra space.

  1. Better lighting

If you are looking for extra or better lighting, think of maisonette house plans. Maisonette house plans designs avail an upper floor which in most cases finds adequate lighting from all directions. When in the controlled development area, maisonette plans in Kenya will have an excess supply of light, especially on the upper floor.


When you look at this design, you can be sure you will have an excess supply of natural light. The wide windows will guarantee you excess natural light.

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  1. More storage space

This is one of the 4 bedroom maisonette house designs that offer more storage space. You can use the kitchen pantry, under the stairs or use a section of the TV or family room for storage purposes.

Most 4 bedroom maisonette floor plans Kenya will offer you that benefit. You don’t have to stuff your bedroom with boxes or books you no longer actively use. Our 4 bedroom maisonette house plans Kenya ensure you benefit from excess storage spaces.

  1. Indoor Plants

If you are a lover of indoor plants usually put in pots, then 4 bedroom maisonette house designs will benefit you most. 4 bedroom maisonette floor plans Kenya offer spaces where you can place plant or flower pots like corridors, balconies, stairs and even on the rooftop.

When you look at the 4 bedroom maisonette house plans Kenya on our platform, you will clearly see several places you can place your flower pots and that will increase your home’s beauty.

  1. At least 2 floors

One of the advantages of maisonette house plans is that maisonette house plans designs offer at least two floors. The ground and the upper floor give you the room to be flexible with the location of various rooms.

Talk to us about any maisonette plans in Kenya concerns you could be having or clarification needed. We have over 1 year of producing excellent maisonette house plans in Kenya and this plan is just one of the maisonette designs we have produced.


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