Mansion vs Bungalow: Why Do You Need to Know the Difference?

mansion vs bungalow

The world of real estate is very diverse and that’s why we talk of mansion vs bungalow in this article. So it might be tricky to make the right choice between various types of houses. When you are not aware of what a specific type of house looks like, you may even get lost sometimes. In order to help you navigate through a variety of these properties, we are going to provide you with a guide that will help you find the home you have always dreamed about. Are you ready to start the journey and be know the difference between a mansion vs bungalow? If yes, let´s begin!

What is a bungalow?

The bungalow is widely known as a single-story detached house. However, some of these luxurious houses might have a second level with a loft conversion. Note that true bungalows feature a sloping roof with dormer windows.

Usually, bungalows do not go up but rather go out. Therefore, they cover a larger part of the land on contrary to a ¨normal¨ house. Also, bungalows are easy to maintain and cost-efficient. Unlike traditional homes, they afford more privacy.

Initially, bungalows were built in the South-Asian region of Bengal. Interestingly, bungalows are not built in the UK nowadays anymore because of the greater expanse of land they cover. So if you want to buy a bungalow in the UK, you will be introduced to real estate that dates back to the 20th century. 

What is it like to own a bungalow?

Once you are hesitant about living in a mansion vs bungalow, let us help you understand all the minor peculiarities of each kind of property. If you think about the opportunity to own a bungalow, you would better check out the following pros & cons of living there:

1It is much cheaper to build a bungalow, As long as the construction cost is lower, you may save a lot of money building or buying a house like that.You are rather limited if it comes to view as long as everything is on the ground level.
2It is easier to move there which makes it the best option for elderly people seeking some comfort.  It is beneficial for physically challenged people too.It is rather insecure because all the windows are accessible from the outside.
3It is much faster to construct it. You do not have to spend years waiting until your home is built or saving money to buy it. 
4It is the best option for you if you plan to expand it in the future, but do not have finances at the very moment yet. If you are a creative person, consider choosing a bungalow to live in.  

Let´s move to the definition of the term ¨mansion¨ if you want to be aware of the main difference between a mansion vs bungalow.

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What is a mansion?

The mansion is a large and impressive house that is owned by a wealthy family or individual. According to real estate agents, mansions are such buildings that feature 8,000 square feet of floor space. The typical mansion includes superlative building materials, lavish grounds, leisure space, and entertainment facilities. To sum up, mansions are always associated with affluence and luxury.

mansion vs bungalow

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What is it like to own the mansion?

Of course, it might look like life may be more comfortable if you own a mansion. However, there are a few aspects for you to know about a mansion vs bungalow before you make a deal:

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1It is a great place to relax and call it home. Most people dream about living in a mansion. If you can afford it, good for you.It is rather expensive to buy or to rent, despite the fact that the prices vary.
2It is an awesome location to shoot a film, photo, or music video or even have your wedding. You will have amazing photography due to the stunning views the mansion features. If you want to renovate, upgrade or maintain it, it might be more pricey.
3More entertainment options like swimming pools and private beach access. If you do not want public attention or seek more peace, you would better choose to own a mansion. 
4More security because there are a few floors where you may hide from the public eye to feel safe and secure while living there. 

How to make the right choice between mansion & bungalow houses?

It might not be easy to make the right choice between owning a mansion vs bungalow despite the fact that it might seem obvious that you should purchase a mansion. It is not only the comfort that must be your top priority factor if it comes to seeking the property you need. We recommend you ask a professional realtor to give you their recommendations about specific real estate. They will help you to make the right choice and protect you from any potential fraud. Also, it is vital to get an inspection of the home you want to buy and make sure you understand the forms.

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Wish you good luck on your way to finding the best place to live!

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