4 Excellent House Designs in Kenya and Cost of Building

Are you like many of us who desire a home? Building a new home starts with finding the best house designs in Kenya and cost of building such designs.

It is every tenant’s dream of building their very own residences to escape all the bidding process war with the property owners/ landladies. Nonetheless, accomplishing this desire comes with a lot of questions which include what house designs are as well as expenses in Kenya.

This consists of the locality, the approximate expense of buying materials, labour, as well as all the various other appropriate building expenses.
One of the most awful head-scratched is how much you shall spend building your dream house. Well, the remainder is very easy due to the fact that today this write-up is mostly likely to offer you a malfunction of the expense of building various house designs in Kenya. Where to obtain a well-structured breakdown of different house designs and cost in Kenya.

There are factors which help in making decisions on house designs in Kenya and cost of building the design which you need to know.
Approximating the exact quantity needed ahead up with your liked house layout can be really hectic. At West Kenya Realty Ltd, we focus on the construction of high-quality domestic as well as commercial properties throughout the country. We work with you hand in hand to make sure that your job is outstanding and economical.

Factors that will influence your judgement of House designs in Kenya and cost?

If you are going to construct a brand-new house, you may be wondering just how much cash it
would certainly cost you. These are the type of questions that are extremely tough to respond to as there is a lot of factors to consider. Generally, the cost of a finished residence can be approximated
based on the following variables;

1. Area

You have to carefully evaluate the site where you are going to build your house to prevent any future house design and costs in kenya. The most important component is to see to it that the location where you are going to build your house is less expensive and also secure.

Have you ever looked at the place more diligently? What are the possible difficulties that
are most likely to impede the efficient as well as inexpensive construction of your residence effectively? For circumstances, the soil type on your website plays a major function in establishing just how much the
structure of the house shall set you back.

When it comes to black cotton dirt red dirt, it shall be extremely
costly because it is extremely difficult to carry out any type of construction on this kind of soil as
contrasted to the red soil which is very pleasant considering that it doesn’t have to be moved.
Second of all is the site of your house really indoor? Can it be assessed without difficulties? Easy
access to your home will certainly minimize any type of transport costs as well as consume time.

House Plans Kenya

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2. Your favored house style

The sort of house design such as the design, use, and dimension is one more main variable to consider when
building your house as it affects the total price. For instance, a contemporary simple house means less costly compared to a detailed standard house. Your house option layout establishes the variety of products required for the construction.

3. The kind of materials

Materials utilized to build a house can differ in price according to the refinement and also top quality of your home. If as an example, you desire a luxurious and curious house it is going to cost you a ton of money. The greater the quality of your house, the more material is going to be really costly.

Nonetheless, in your area readily available materials will save you the added quantity of transportation and acquiring costs. Importing will be your best choice in instance you are planning to utilize mass
materials because it’s cheaper yet ensure you exist when purchasing these products to avoid exploitation by contractors.

house designs and plans in kenya
Wonderful decor and detail in newly built home

4. Your liked House Fittings

What do you want as your indoor design in your home? Do you want high or reduced installations? These
kinds of concerns are extremely important to establish the quantity of cash you are going to
purchase the interior styles of your house.

The expense of fittings, wardrobes, mirrors, lights, carpets, freestanding refrigerators, kitchens, well-fitted cabinets, and so on varies in expense relying on the high quality as well as the design you choose. Premium installations for instance are really pricey but attractive, attractive, as well as Long lasting. The total expense shall additionally depend on whether you wish to employ a professional house designer or not.

5. Elevation from floor to ceiling.

You can choose to go for a high or low ceiling relying on your budget plan and also needs, a house with a longer height for example is much more costly to construct compared to those with reduced ceilings.

6. Desired height between the floor and ceiling.

Do you desire a high or a low ceiling? Depending on your spending plan you can select either. A house developed to have a longer elevation is pricey to create a contrast to those with reduced ceilings.
Primarily, 7 feet to 9 feet is one of the most favoured ceiling sizes since it makes a house appear a lot more cramped and also smaller.

7. Size of your home as well as areas.

The dimension of a house design and cost in kenya and the rooms are likewise the main factor to consider since the building cost for smaller sized and also bigger rooms and also houses various. Smaller-sized rooms and homes are cheaper contrasted to bigger residences with bigger spaces.

This is just because the price of costly items such as a cooking area or washroom is dispersed over more square video when installing a bigger house.

What is the price of building various house designs in Kenya?

As detailed above the expense of building a house in Kenya varies depending upon numerous aspects. Nevertheless, it is very much feasible to get an approximate amount needed for your liked house layout relying on the size and also a variety of rooms. That is either a 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, or 4 & 5 bedrooms.

The best house designs in Kenya and cost of building depend vary depending on the decisions of the developer. Usually, the more designs for high end income group tend to cost more because of the inclusions in the plan. Similarly, low cost house designs or best simple house designs in Kenya will cost less than Kshs30,000.

One thing you need to know is that the cost of house plans in Kenya will also be affected by the source. If you get a plan for an online listing platform, its likely to be cheap but you will get very substandard plan with little or no help at at all. If you source your building designs in Kenya from a reputable design and build company, then you can be sure of great support.

1. Expense of building a 1 bedroom house strategy in Kenya.

Creating a basic one-bedroom house in Kenya will set you back 500,000 to 700,000 shillings.
relying on the above-mentioned variables.

2. Price of building a two-bedroom house in Kenya.

A two-bedroom house is ideal to hold a little household. A two-bedroom house costs in between 900,000 to 1.4 Million Kenyan shillings. Make sure that you have actually first made your storage location, suitable kitchen area, as well as garage.

3. Cost of building a three-bedroom house in Kenya.

The price of building a 3-bedroom house in Kenya is really costly, but it is amongst the most rewarding tasks due to the fact that it is extremely roomy and an excellent option for a home upcountry.

It can also be a great retirement home for empty netters when the children proceed with their lives. This housing strategy shall about cost you in between 800,000 to 2M Kenyan shillings however differ relying on the factors caught over.

4. The cost of building a 4 & 5 bedroom house in Kenya.

A 4 & 5 bedroom is a large house layout and also will set you back rather a huge quantity of cash to construct. Construction of various other needs in a four-bedroom house boosts the budget. If the land needs a lot more prep work, after that you will certainly be required to dig much deeper into your pocket. Roughly, a 4 bedroom house sets you back regarding 5 to 9M Kenyan shillings to build.

Do you want to build a 5 bedroom house in Kenya? Do you have a 5 bedroom house plan for your project? Start with us. Contact us so that we help you design a 5 bedroom house plan and also construct for you. Talk to us today.

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Although building a house design and cost in kenya is normally an expensive undertaking, with the appropriate details as well as wish, you might significantly minimize your residence construction prices.
Make sure you have a clear strategy in position to acquire your objective and include inexpensive real estate options ideally.

West Kenya Real Estate Ltd is an all-in-one property company offering the best house design and cost in Kenya. We’ve over 8 years of experience and also have managed a diverse variety of property constructions, designs, as well as management. Talk to us today for your next task.
You can reach us on call/SMS/WhatsApp via +254789 217 685/ +254 724 481 087.


1. Why do I need to pay this much for a housing strategy?
Do you want a sturdy as well as durable house? The very first step to take into consideration to attain a resilient, as well as risk-free house layout, is to obtain an excellent house plan of your taste, and also an expert architect. Do not obtain attracted to take shortcuts and opt for more affordable and reduced-quality products.
2. When I pay for a house plan, what exactly do I get?

When your settlement has been made, you are qualified to obtain the main drawings of your house showing all the structures, i.e. a structured plan, floor plans, and altitudes of the building framework.

3. Do standard house design plans need to be authorized by the federal government?
Every buyer or home builder is under an obligation to make sure that every house framework is.
built-in conformity with all regulating administrative codes.

Due to the fostering of Devolution in Kenya, each county government has its own rules and also laws to be stuck to when it pertains to the building plan, All Plans are prepared to fulfil the Attire Building Code of a certain area relying on various factors at the time they are created.

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